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Storing your Bitcoin Safely

As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise and more and more mainstream attention is beginning to be piled onto Bitcoin, I cannot further emphasize the importance of securely storing your Bitcoin. Just like in all other aspects of life, security is something that is often taken for granted until an incidence occurs and it is too late. This holds even more truly in crypto, where safety and security is the name of the game, especially since the crypto space is possibility home to some of the most brilliant and intelligent hackers out there.

A follower of the website asked me a question today on the various methods of storing Bitcoin after purchasing it, which made me realize that "Storing Your Bitcoin" was not one of the topics originally covered in the website. This is arguably one of the most important pieces of information out there to protect yourselves from hacks or unwittingly losing your hard earned investments. Therefore, a new FAQ on "Storing Your Bitcoin" has been added today. Be sure to check it out, and stay safe.

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