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SGX launches Bitcoin and Ethereum indices with UK's CryptoCompare

If you stay up to date with the latest, up-to-date news regarding Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space, in the last two to three months alone, you would know that one thing has been capturing the headlines - and that is "Institutional Adoption"

Remember the days where practically everyone around thought that cryptocurrencies were just a bubble and would never see mainstream adoption? In a short span of just three years, those days are now well and truly behind us. In Singapore, with the announcement of SGX listing Bitcoin and Ethereum indices, cryptocurrencies have now cemented their place in the global markets. Institutional adoption has arrived and with latest developments in Singapore today, looks to be staying with us for the future.

These two new indices marks the SGX's first foray into digital currencies. The SGX is not alone in this endeavor - very recently, I also wrote about the IMF and DBS' recent change in sentiment regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With these two new indices, for the first time, retail investors based in Singapore have access to track regulatory approved institutionalized investment products and gain exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A quick look at the iEdge Bitcoin Index on SGX's website. Link here

Over the years, I've had many people tell me something along the lines of "the day Singapore recognizes Bitcoin or Crypto, is the day I will start believing in it". Well here we are! If you needed a clearer signal than this, Bitcoin is on the start of the road for massive global institutional adoption, and you can still be on of the first to jump on this Bandwagon.

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