Everything About Bitcoin's List of Referral Codes

Hey everyone!

I've had a few subscribers suggesting that it would be useful to compile a list of all the available referral codes that the site provides in one blog post, making it much more accessible for everyone, and so that no one misses out on some of these referral benefits!

So here are some of the available referral codes to various websites. I will also talk about what you can use these websites for, categorize them, their advantages and the referral award available for you. Unfortunately, not all of the referral links will provide a bonus to the referee, therefore you may choose to use or avoid them.

Note that this is simply a list of all the available referral codes and not my preferences. I will mention my preferred websites in the post as well.

1. Exchange Platforms

Binance - Binance is one of the leading exchange platforms and I would consider it an essential. Binance allows you to buy/sell altcoins, futures trading, as well as staking and earning rewards on your cryptos. My referral code below is the most beneficial one for you! You will get a discount of 10% on all your trading fees, as compared to some other referrals which only give 5% or 0%.


Coinhako - Coinhako is one of the better platforms for users in Singapore to purchase crypto directly with SGD, minimizing any unnecessary currency conversion fees. Although the fees are slightly higher than Binance SG, Coinhako offers a lot more cryptos, making it an attractive and convenient option. At 1% transaction fees versus 0.6% in Binance SG, if you are only buying a small amount of crypto, Coinhako is not a bad option. Unfortunately from my understanding, the Coinhako referral code I have does not reward the referee, only the referer... Therefore in this case, there will not be any benefits for you in using my referral link. I would still appreciate it if you do, any revenue generated will be directed to maintaining the cost of running this website 😀


PrimeXBT - I personally do not use PrimeXBT much as I'm already using other similar platforms, but PrimeXBT does have a very cool feature called the "Co-invest" feature, which basically allows you to park your money with another trader, allowing him/her to trade for you. The trader will receive 20% of your profits and PrimeXBT will receive 20% as well, leaving you with 60% of the profits. Not bad if you aren't a confident trader yourself but would still like to get some exposure in the trading markets. Before selecting your trader to park your money with, you can access his trading history, Profit & Loss statstics to make and informed decision before proceeding. *Disclaimer* - I tried this co-invest function myself and took a small loss, but it could be different for anyone n any given time. The market was extremely volatile during my trial.


2. Crypto Interest Accounts

BlockFi - I enjoy BlockFi as well due to it's more generous bonuses and slightly superior interest rates for Bitcoin (6% vs 4.5% in Celsius). Furthermore, BlockFi has the added feature of enabling you to trade your crypto without needing to withdraw, for example you can trade Bitcoin for USDC or Ethereum all within BlockFi itself, making it convenient to switch between cryptos and earn maximum exposure. One gripe I have with BlockFi is that their withdrawals can take up to 1 day to process, something which I feel should be alot faster, even Celsius can process it within 10 minutes - a world of difference. Nonetheless, I still use BlockFi very often and their service has been fantastic, paying out the interest without fail on the 1st day of each month.

Everything About Bitcoin is a BlockFi Affliate partner, meaning that subscribers receive more beneficial referral programs. As their current referral bonus changes regularly, click on the referral link below to be redirected to BlockFi to learn more about the current referral program!


Celsius Network - Celsius Network has fast become one of my favorite Crypto Interest account platforms. Simply by depositing and holding your Bitcoin and other cryptos in Celsius, you receive an interest on your deposit (paid weekly for extra compounding). The interest is as high as 4.6% for Bitcoin, 5.5% for Ethereum and 10% for Stablecoins. On top of that and unlike Blockfi, the withdrawal process is extremely fast and can be processed within 10 minutes. Users of my Celsius referral code will get $20 in Bitcoin if you create and account and deposit at least $200USD in crypto.


3. Derivatives Trading Platforms

Phemex - If you are looking for a platform more specific to trading Bitcoin or crypto futures, then Phemex has my highest recommendation! They consistently have the lowest downtime among all other crypto exchanges (in fact I think they have never had any lags or outages to date). Their referral and welcome bonus is also one of the best, enabling you to earn up to $80 in bonuses after signing up and depositing (However, note that to claim $60 of it, you will need to deposit a minimum of 0.2btc)


Deribit - Deribit is by far the most liquid and best platform for trading Bitcoin and Ethereum options. I personally use Deribit a lot as I am primarily and options trader, and the experience so far has been great! Users of my referral link will get 10% off their trading fees for the first 6 months.