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Buying Bitcoin with Binance SG *Recommended for Singapore Readers*

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

If you are based in Singapore like I am, then you would be able to buy your Bitcoin off Binance SG.

From my experience, Binance SG is absolutely the most cost effective and reliable method for purchasing Bitcoin from Singapore.

Between my other recommended approach: using Gemini to purchase Bitcoin, you can see that it is consistently more cost effective to use Binance SG rather than Gemini from the calculations below, which is why Binance SG is my recommended exchange of choice whenever available. However, if Binance is not available in your geography, then Gemini remains a viable alternative (read my guide on buying Bitcoin with Gemini here):

Remember that when buying Bitcoin, you do not have to buy an entire Bitcoin, you can simply buy a fraction of a Bitcoin - for example, if the price of Bitcoin is SGD10,000, you can buy 0.01btc with 100SGD.

Steps to Buying Bitcoin on Binance SG

  1. Register for an Binance SG account here - * I do not earn any referrals for this recommendation

  2. Complete all required KYC - You would have to send in a proof of identify, along with passport/IC verification.

  3. Link your Xfers account to Binance SG - You can find the steps to top-up your Xfers account at the Binance SG Dashboard.

  4. Complete all required Xfers verification

  5. Add Xfers as a payee in your internet banking account

  6. Once complete, make the top-up request on Binance SG, and perform bank transfer to Xfers. Once complete, click on "I have already transferred" on Binance SG.

  7. It will take about 5 minutes for your funds to be reflected on Binance SG

  8. Once the amount has successfully been credited to your Xfers balance on Binance SG, click on "Buy/Sell" in the header.

  9. Select your desired cryptocurrency of choice to purchase (for eg. Bitcoin), and indicate your desired amount to buy.

  10. Click to finalize purchase.

  11. Decide on what to do with your new Bitcoin. I have written about some methods on growing / trading your Bitcoin for passive income here, under the section "Now that you've gotten your first Bitcoin, what next?".

Congratulations on buying your first Bitcoin! After buying your first Bitcoin, you would probably like to record your transaction somewhere so that you can easily view your balance and investment returns. Delta is an extremely effective app for that, and I highly recommend downloading it and tracking your Bitcoin transactions!

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