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Being a Part of The Crypto Industry in Singapore

It's a sunny weekend in Singapore today and I thought I'd share a post a little more personal in nature today for a change, rather than the usual updates about Bitcoin and it's developments! :) Simply watching Bitcoin as a trader or an investor, it's easy to forget sometimes that an entire burgeoning industry filled with exciting career opportunities is developing and growing in the background.

Last Thursday (12th November 2020), I had the honor of being invited to a sharing session from The Block School - one of the leading learning organizations in Singapore providing educational courses on underlying blockchain technologies, its uses-cases and its potential, as well as many other subsidized courses from NTUC learning hub (a prominent governmental learning & development agency). For anyone who is interested in potentially exploring a career in the Blockchain industry, I can think of no better place than to get connected with the people in The Block School community and learn about some of their online courses!

I've embedded below an extremely insightful conversation that we had with other members of the Blockchain space in Singapore, on how we see tremendous potential and growth in the space - not just for investments but for career opportunities as well. Being an early mover into an industry comes with numerous challenges and obstacles, but is most often a most rewarding career path! A common misperception is that to be in the blockchain industry, you need some serious coding and developing knowledge. This simply isn't the case!

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