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Dear reader, welcome to Everything About Bitcoin. With seemingly endless information and technical jargon surrounding Bitcoin, it can be virtually impossible to begin to understand what Bitcoin is, what its uses are, and the advantages of investing in Bitcoin. Whether you're an investor, someone who's interested in technology, or a valuable member of society looking for alternatives, Bitcoin offers something for everyone. 


In this website and its pages within, I attempt to condense all that matters and is relevant for you into an archive of "Frequently Asked Questions". These are questions that I had in the beginning, when I was just starting out on my Bitcoin investing journey like you today.

Learn the truth about investing in Bitcoin

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Have you ever been told that Bitcoin is "dead" or is a scam? Think again.

For a minute - let's rewind and imagine you're hearing about Bitcoin for the very first time. 

People who called Bitcoin a scam, a bubble, or worthless investment very likely lost money in Bitcoin themselves, largely due to lack of understanding and misinformation.

We're here to fix this.


What if we told you that Bitcoin remains the best performing asset of the last decade - with staggering returns of more than 8,990,000%. More importantly, we are on the cusps of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, and you can still be a part of it

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It is not too late to start your Bitcoin investing journey.

In fact, you're one of the early ones

The only people who have lost money on Bitcoin are those who have been impatient.

With an asset with a long term time horizon like Bitcoin, it pays to be patient. 

There may be ups and downs, and sometimes you may feel like ripping your hair out! But stay the course and you should be rewarded. The long term trajectory of Bitcoin is clear. Even buying Bitcoin and forgetting about it is an effective investment strategy - if you had bought Bitcoin on held it on any day of it's 11 year history, there's a 98.1% chance that you'd still be in profit today. 


With that said, do your own due diligence and invest only what you can afford to lose. 

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Understanding your Crypto

Make Informed Decisions on your Crypto Investments


Without first gaining a proper understanding of Bitcoin and your investments, there is little difference between investing and gambling.

Everything About Bitcoin aims to equip you with the foundations to remain confident in your Bitcoin investments - no matter the volatility. 

What is Bitcoin? How is Bitcoin created and transacted? How do I create new Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin "mining"? Everything you need to know about the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

Will Bitcoin be used as money in the future? Can Bitcoin simply be "Banned" by governments? Isn't Bitcoin used only for money laundering and illicit activities?

What are the risks in investing in Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin's price a "bubble"? How is Bitcoin's value determined? Can I lose all my money?

Where can i buy my first Bitcoin? What can I do with my Bitcoin? What are altcoins? How do I trade using Bitcoin?

Unable to find some answers here? Leave us a question in the chat box on the bottom right and we will try to help. Doing so also enables us to gather topics of interest to improve our content.

Learn About Bitcoin

Everything About Bitcoin is designed to be a massive FAQ Section about Bitcoin. Perfect for those who are starting out and overwhelmed on how to begin your journey. 

In order to make Bitcoin as approachable and easy to understand as possible, we split everything you need to know about Bitcoin into 4 bite-sized segments below:

Everything About Bitcoin Blog Posts

Stay relevant and up to date with Bitcoin and investment strategies here by following our blog posts and regular updates.  

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